A Million Bullets: The real story of the British Army in Afghanistan

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And it is a fascinating read. The First World War soon destroyed this, and the consequences for his family were extreme hardship and threat to life. Later, working with Chadwick at Liverpool, Rotblat took time out to visit his wife in Poland. He found she was recovering from appendicitis surgery, and he was unable to take her to Liverpool straight away. The need for the small income again he was receiving at Liverpool prompted him to return there without his wife, in case his work was taken over by someone else and the money dried up.

He left Warsaw on 31st August Germany invaded Poland the very next day. Rotblat never saw his wife again. But the author overdoes detail on nuclear physics. Does the reader really need to know about the different importance of fast and slow neutrons?

James Fergusson

And later on in the book there is too much detail on meetings and conferences, rather than on the significance of what was going on. Yet the time, energy and unrelenting commitment by Rotblat to Pugwash comes across strongly, clearly showing that Pugwash contributed to the ending of the cold war.

There was opposition to his appointment, but influential others supported Rotblat, and to his great credit he became the main pioneer in this country of applying nuclear physics to treat cancer. A kind of redemption perhaps.

General the Lord Richards

Overall, and from my own limited experience of him, Rotblat seemed to be a gentle man with much charm. He liked to be with scientists and with Pugwash - from which non-scientists are excluded.

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Despite being its first president, he never really got involved with MAW apart from giving the annual Remembrance Sunday lecture in - for which he received a standing ovation. Indeed, the author himself never mentions MAW. Perhaps one scientist writing about another is not always a good idea. Narrow paradigms are unconsciously set, depriving the reader of a more rounded account of this great man.

“Just the Facts” on Afghanistan Doesn’t Tell the Story

Brian Heale. He clearly cares about our Armed Forces, and writes with a great deal of affection, not to say in-house banter. He is also absolutely furious about the appalling waste of money and resources, the unnecessary procurement of expensive equipment, whether tanks, ships or planes, which look good but are not needed, when basic equipment is missing.

Newspeak in the 21st Century David Edwards and David Cromwell, Pluto Press, The authors run the Media Lens website, which challenges the unbalanced view of events provided by mainstream media.

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In this book they explore in great depth how the news we receive can be biased towards the establishment or corporate agenda. The Guardian, for instance, highly regarded for its stance on environmental matters, relies heavily on adverts by the motor industry for fuel-hungry cars.

Reading the justifications given by news editors for the way they report a particular event, makes me wonder why we buy papers or watch the news at all, except that all campaigners for peace should be well informed. This is not a comfortable book to read, but it will make you look again at how you are manipulated into taking certain views, make you more discriminating in your analysis of events, more aware of what is really happening in the world.

There are many alternative sources of news. On the Links page of this website, there is a list of just some of the sources that give the other side of the news. Ray Simpson, Christine Titmus. Remembrance Sunday is the time when the words we speak take on a particular power and significance. Millions of bullets and thousands of lives have been expended since then in an under-publicized but bitter conflict whose end is still not in sight. Some people consider it the fourth Anglo-Afghan War since Victorian times.

Keeping the Peace in South Sudan - British Army: Behind the Frontlines (S1 E3) Forth News

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