Comte du Pape (French Edition)

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Solid tannic concentration, yet not overwhelming, medium body, it lacks in acidity to the finish. Perhaps it is because as knew what it was while tasting it, it does feel like a heavy-weight Beaujolais, with the characteristics flavors of a Syrah. It does taste like a good Syrah, but with somewhat of the slightly-watery feel some Beaujolais wines have.


A very well-made wine though, that will please most palates and tease the curiosity of Beaujolais and Syrah amateurs. Founder of award-winning blog SocialVignerons. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Ferraz, M. II, Traditionalisme et ultramontanisme. Paris: Didier Garrard, Graeme. Kochin, Michael S. Kow, Simon.

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21 famous French cheeses (sorted by regions)

Maistre, Comte Joseph de — gale. Traditionalism A reader of Du pape will be impressed by de Maistre's use of tradition to justify his conclusions. Royalism Concurrent with de Maistre's traditionalism was his royalism. Du pape. Lyons, Gianturco, E.

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Joseph de Maistre and Giambattista Vico. Washington, DC, Lecigne, C. Joseph de Maistre. George Boas Bibliography updated by Tamra Frei Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. The Selles-sur-Cher is part of the soft with bloomy rind cheeses. The rind is salted and ashed with charcoal , which gives it a sweet taste. The cheese-ageing is between 10 days and 3 weeks. According to legend, an ogre, animal stealer, who revealed the Brocciu production secret in exchange for his life, was threatened by the Corsican shepherds.

2013 Jean-Marc Lafont Les Serines Syrah, IGP Pays du Comté Rhodanien, France

We can eat fresh Brocciu and passu Brocciu , and this includes 21 days of cheese-ageing. The first known mention about the cheese production is notified in the Marquard treaty Cheese-ageing, according to specification, is 21 days minimum. It is also quoted in the XIXth century, in a publication about cheese transformation beside its fellows, the Maroilles and the Livarot. The more the basin is dug, the more the Langres cheese is aged.


But why is there a basin? You have to wait about 15 days minimum of cheese-ageing for a small size, 18 days minimum for a middle size, and 21 days minimum for a big size. Soft rind-washed cheese , the Maroilles is one the oldest cheese of France.

JOSEPH DE MAISTRE (1753-1821) – Une vie, une œuvre [2000]

According to tradition, the Maroilles is invented by a monk of the Landrecies monastery around Later, the Maroilles crosses the border and seduces Charles V, the Spain court intendant is charged with the shipping of the precious merchandise. The Brie would be the ancestor of all soft cheeses , as the camembert. Louis XIV loves and wants it every day for his meals. It is understood that the Brie is a royal cheese. First of all, the cheese-ageing, the Brie de Meaux is refined for 4 to 8 weeks, whereas the Brie de Melun is refined for 4 to 12 weeks.

Then, the draining, the Brie de Meaux has a spontaneous draining, whereas the Brie de Melun has a slow draining. The Brie de Meaux is moulded with a shovel and the Brie de Melun is moulded with a ladle. Moreover, the Brie de Melun is slightly smaller than the Brie de Meaux. The couple was hiding since October , the abbot Charles-Jean, Benedictine and prior of Rouxville, in order to save him from the French revolution repression. One year later, the Camembert of Normandy was born for our great pleasure. The milk needed for its production comes from cows of Normandy, raised outdoors day and night.

This little creamy square is one of the oldest cheeses of Normandy. In the soft, rind-washed cheese category , it makes its appearance in the XIIth century thanks to Cistercian monks.

Guide Parker | Les vins français notés / par Robert Parker

A little historical reminder: the cheese was used at that time as an exchange medium, remuneration or tax. Ewes have to be basco-bearnaise, Manech black head or Manech red head. Yes, we French also make Edam like our Belgian friends!