Das ODESSA-Experiment (German Edition)

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Shakespeare was published in various languages English, French, and Turkish. Also, in , university students participated in the translation contest among students of philology and translators of higher educational institutions of Ukraine, which was held by the National Pedagogical University named after M. The translation of our Master student Olga Fomenko was recognized as the best one! At the Department of Translation and Linguistics, thematic weeks of the English and French languages are prepared annually.

The lecturers of the department conduct excursions to museums and art galleries, presentations on various subjects, quizzes, demonstative lessons, and festive concerts. Shevchenko" were held, the literary evening was timed to the th anniversary of T. Shevchenko, laying flowers to the monument to Taras Shevchenko. In the year there was a celebration of Shakespeare's th anniversary "Shakespeare for all time".

And in April , the French delegation visited a festive concert dedicated to Francophonie. Besides, Spelling Bee Language Competition, which has a long history and is popular in many countries of the world, is held every year at the Department. Regular students take a unique exam in the practical course of translation in the field of tourism, which they are actively preparing for throughout the school year. Students of the third year of the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation have the opportunity to feel like real translators.

They conduct excursions to the historical monuments of Odessa in English and French, under the direction of the teachers of the Department of Translation and Linguistics, Ph. Thus, it should be noted that the method of passing an exam offered by the teachers of the Department of Translation and Linguistics is very effective in the study of foreign languages. During the preparation for the exam and its conducting, students receive a unique opportunity for the practical application of a foreign language.

Studying at the school helps future applicants to become acquainted with the specialty, get acquainted with the contemporary perspectives of translation and the culture of the countries studied, try themselves as a guide-translator, and try their abilities in translating texts of different genres. The teaching staff of the Department of Translation and Linguistics does not stop at the achievements and continues its exploration in the pedagogical and scientific fields, being in the tendencies of world science, and are always open to new scientific acquaintances, cooperation and experiments.

Compared to other departments of the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation, the Department of Germanic and Oriental Languages is rather young. The high level of faculty training among them graduates of leading European universities, specialists in various fields of philology comparative and historical linguistics, linguistic typology, general linguistics, Germanic languages, languages of people of Asia, Africa, aborigines of America and Australia , who have undergone training in Germany, Austria, China , allows to say that the Department of Germanic and Oriental Languages takes a worthy place among the team members of the International Humanitarian University.

The department is specialized in German, Chinese and Arabic languages. Educational and methodological complexes developed by the department include a socio-cultural component that allows studying the mentality of the native speakers, which nowadays is the main requirement for the training of highly skilled specialists in linguistics, including the participation of foreign colleagues from other Ukrainian and foreign universities.

Professor Loischner delivered a lecture on "Germanisms in European Languages". The priority scientific areas of the department are typological and comparative linguistics and the diachronic approach as to the study of different languages. The postgraduate studies are supervised by leading experts: Professors I. Stupak, V. Taranets, and Associate Professor V. The conference was dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the International Humanitarian University founded on August 20, within the national programme "Education" based on the principles of the Concept of Liberal Education development in Ukraine and the requirements of current legislation.

Arsenal: Die Vogelpredigt oder Das Schreien der Mönche

We are constantly aiming at expanding the faculty's possibilities to train specialists in other foreign languages, to carry out research with the representatives of other foreign higher educational institutions. Therefore, we were very glad that our conference had attracted 42 scientists and lecturers from different regions of Ukraine Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Cherkasy and various countries all over the world The USA, Hungary, China, Austria, Brazil.

It was pleasant that 12 post-graduate students and students decided to discuss their first scientific achievements at the conference. We hope that this conference will be a significant contribution to the development of the Ukrainian philology in particular and outline the ways to solve the problems of training specialists in the corresponding field.

The Egg - A Short Story

German proficiency is also studying in German-speaking countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland , and participating in programmes for professional training and employment. The soiree was dedicated to the great Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke. Our students recited verses in the original, and the actors declaimed in translations by B. Pasternak, V. Stus, M. Bazhan, M.

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Orest, E. Witkowski, I. Andrushenko, M.

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Linguists and speech therapists recommend using the tongue twisters to train the pronunciation of various phonemes. Due to tongue twisters, our students-linguists adapt their vocal apparatus to the features of the German language, learn to pronounce sounds in compound phrases and train articulation correctly. The winners received prizes from the Goethe-Institute and the German publishing houses Cornelsen and Hueber.

For senior pupils of Odessa the department holds the school for a young translator for the second consecutive year in June.

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  • Students, our future entrants, get acquainted with the basics of the profession of translator, which has long been prestigious and in demand. The teachers of the department develop their professional qualities: phonemic hearing, semantic and logical memory, analytical skills, flair for language, and constant attention. The program of the seminar involved various aspects of teaching and learning German, i.

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    • Our students go on studying in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and China. The training programme was organized by the public organization Dekabristen e. Volunteers native speakers of the language work at the department. Our Chinese colleagues are constantly informing students about grant programs for studying in China, about the summer and winter language camps of leading universities in Beijing and Harbin.

      It should be said that all the expenses for stay accommodation, food, excursion programme in the country is assumed by the Chinese side. Elizaveta Ruban, who won the 1st place in the semifinal and the 2nd in the final of the competition, received a scholarship to study in China.

      Our student, Diana Shemet, became the winner of again. Diana also demonstrated her skill in playing the old Chinese musical instrument pipa. Specialty: Language and Literature.

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      She regularly participates in workshops of the Goethe-Institute in Ukraine. Inna Stupak was awarded the Honorary Award of the International Humanitarian University of the 3rd Degree for her high achievements in the organization of the teaching process, fruitful research and educational activity, a significant contribution to the development of the International Humanitarian University October 24, Peresada regularly takes part in the workshops of the Goethe-Institute in Ukraine.

      Tetyana Filipova Tetyana Filipova has Ph. Qualification: Philologist, Teacher and Interpreter Translator. Mechnikov University. Specialty: Jurisprudence. Qualification: Lawyer. Adamova underwent training at the Odessa National I. Anastasiya Byelyayeva. Qualification: Teacher of Chinese, English and Foreign literature.

      Viktoriya Hrytsenko. Viktoriya Hrytsenko graduated summa cum laude from the Odessa National I. Mechnikov University in , obtained a complete higher education Specialty: the Ukrainian Language and Literature. Qualification: Philologist, Teacher of the Ukrainian language and literature, foreign literature and German. Since September , V. She teaches the practical course of the second foreign language.

      She graduated from the Odessa National I. Korenkova is a post-graduate student at the International Humanitarian University specialty Shao Yalin. Karasaev with honors, the Kyrgyz Republic Specialty: Linguistics.