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The other 8 points are, your eyebrow, side of your eye, under your eye, under your nose, your chin, your collarbone, under your arm, and the top of your head. There is a single point at the top of the head, but there are two eyebrow points: one at the start of the right eyebrow just above the nose, and the other at the start of the left eyebrow. Tapping was originally taught one-sided; you tap with either hand, on either side of the body. Most people tap with their dominant hand.

Tap lightly, but firmly. Unlike acupuncture, tapping is a very forgiving process. The first part of the tapping protocol is to close your eyes, focus on the fear, anxiety, emotion, pain, or belief that you wish to release, and then determine on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being high, how intense the feeling or belief is.

As you tap your hand, repeat aloud the belief, physical pain, or experience of hurt you are dealing with as you—most important—tune in to the emotion that belief or hurt brings forth. Do this three times. Tap 5 to 7 times firmly at each point. Accompany each tapping point with a statement that keeps you focused on the emotion. Additionally, you can tap the eyebrow, under the eye, collarbone, and under the arm spots on either side of your body.

Repeat the sequence repeating your phrase again and again until you feel the intensity has dropped down to a 1 or is totally gone. Leave a comment below and let me know if you have you ever tried Tapping Therapy. Your children who are intertwined in your energy and nervous system are effected by YOU and your emotional state. I really do. Yet we all know, truthfully, that this is not the case. Emotional Freedom — the kind of freedom where you are no longer shackled, held down or played by emotions that control and affecting your life — is the true kind of freedom so many of us yearn for throughout our motherhood journey.

The result? A flow state that ripples into how we mother, into our children, our families and our passions. Angry, frustrated, exhausted, resentful? The result is usually a life of experiences, interactions and events that reflect your feeling state. And will continue to manifest more reflections of that feeling state. In flow, accepting, grace-filled, light?

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Yep, the result is a life that reflects all of that. This is about having the ability to safely feel and let go of the emotions that are blocking your success, flow, joy… LIFE. You know the emotions that make you reactive, edgy, overwhelmed and clouded? Well, instead, we want to make space for those feeling states that support LIFE — intuitive, responsive, wisdom filled states of connection, presence and alignment. Read on to learn more about these incredible, self-help tools. These two things together give us a tool that we can use to literally tap our way through and out of those sticky emotions that are holding us back.

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Tapping works with the energy lines Meridians of the body, as a super-highway of communication that allows us to dig into our energy anatomy whilst cognitively working through problems — allowing a clearing and cleansing of whatever you are experiencing emotionally, mentally and physically that you no longer need.

Like to sleepless night with a sick toddler, or the frustration and irritation we feel managing our bossy little pre-teen, or even the stress and worry of a reduced family income. You can probably function around these smaller problems, but if cleared we find the flood-gates open and our sense of JOY increases dramatically. Answers to problems become clearer and our ability to COPE increases ten-fold. Other times you might be experiencing a larger trauma or problem — ones that prevent you from continuing with the rest of your life — these traumas, when left to fester, will find its way deep into the darkest corners of your subconscious mind and energy anatomy.

Ultimately becoming a running script that controls your life. Chakras govern everything from our finances to our sense of self-worth and our ability to love others. Through to how we communicate, create, share and LIVE in this world. They are the pivotal. Combining EFT work with Chakra Cleansing and white light superchargers your emotional wellbeing and will create, when the work is done regularly, the shifts you are seeking in your life. The first cue that things are shifting in the right direction will be through your emotional wellbeing.

We tune into our body and our chakra centres to actively seek out where our blockages live. In doing so we are able to consciously rise and release those blocks through chakra cleansing and EFT work. This is why it is so important to never, ever berate yourself.

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If all you do is tell yourself you are fat and ugly and you hate yourself this way, then you stay stuck. You need loving support and then you can make changes. You need to constantly forgive yourself for not being perfect. Too many of us think we have to be bad or wrong before we can be changed but we really don't have to do that.

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When you come from love and acceptance the changes can become much easier. You make a change because you want to improve the quality of our life, not because you are a bad person that wants to become better. And when you know more you will do things differently, so never, ever berate yourself for where you were. It will also be enormously helpful if you can do this in front of a mirror, paying careful attention to looking into your eyes.

Your energy will be reflected off the mirror and add a profound synergism to the EFT tapping. When in public, you only need to use one hand that can lightly touch each point and hold it there for five seconds while "tuning into the problem" and repeating the affirmation. This way no one will realize what you are doing.

Patricia Carrington has made a major innovation to EFT with her choices option. Unlike the traditional affirmations mentioned above, choices do not contradict a person's present view of reality and so are much more easily accepted.

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Additionally, they represent a proactive stance and a commitment to one's self. When using the choices option, a self-acceptance affirmation is substituted for the traditional EFT affirmation used above. In general this affirmation is the opposite of whatever the negative statement contained in the first portion of the Set-Up phrase. This choice is an expression of what the person truly desires for the problem that the treatment is presently addressing.

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It is aimed at that specific problem rather than being a general affirmation. Identify the negative emotion or state thought, attitude, feeling, pain, etc. Formulate a choice that is roughly the opposite of this negative emotion or state. State the entire Basic recipe combination negative emotion and choice on the first three meridian points.

Then alternate the points by stating the negative reminder phrase on one point and then the positive choice or reminder choice on the next point. Most people do not know how to identify what they really want. Ironically, however, they are almost always very clear about what they don't want.

When asked to make a positive choice, which is based on what they do want, most people will at best, just choose to improve a bit on what they don't like. One way they do this is to revert to comparisons.