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June 24 UPI -- Police in Wisconsin said they are on the lookout for a loose kangaroo after a marsupial was reported hopping across a highway walking bridge Monday morning.

The Grand Chute Police Department said a caller reported spotting a kangaroo hopping across the walking bridge over Interstate 41 about 7 a. It would appear that the kangaroo had Wait for it.

Hopped along," police tweeted. Waas said police will consult with local zoos in an attempt to identify the animal's owner if it turns up again. Odd News.

Specifically, upon landing, the abdominal organs flop into the diaphragm, causing it to return to its dome shape and decreasing the vertical dimension of the thoracic cavity. This compresses the alveolar gas volume and elevates alveolar pressure above barometric pressure, so air is expelled.

The mechanics of hopping by kangaroos (Macropodidae)

To demonstrate this phenomenon, the plunger of a syringe model of the respiratory system was inserted through a compression spring. Holding the syringe and pressing the plunger firmly against a hard surface expels air from the lungs the balloon within the syringe deflates and compresses the spring. Add to Wishlist.

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Hopping Kangaroo is a fun game that will take you to the heights of adventure, Kangaroo is willing to take your challenge. Join Hopping Kangaroo for amazing adventures across the challenging stages and run him to get exciting bonuses.

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Your Kangaroo is too fast and he is Hopping over the Obstacles!!!! Can you too? Thrilling adventure is waiting for you!


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