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With airless tires and swivel-wheel steering, you can push it, pull it and avoid obstacles while your child rides comfortably. While some accessories you might think of as necessities the retractable canopy, for instance come at an extra cost, a snack tray and two drink holders are included. Many of us had a version of this wagon as a kid, and that nostalgia might draw you to the Radio Flyer for your own family. With wooden stake sides and air tires, it has an all-steel body and an extra-long handle that folds easily for storage, and the controlled turning radius prevents it from tipping over.

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This wagon features inch air tires that are meant to handle most terrain, though it may not stand up to serious offroading. But the weight capacity is great—it holds up to pounds! Other larger wagons can fit two kids, but the Step2 Wagon for Two is a perfect two-seater option, with two contoured seats with deep leg room, two seat belts and two cup holders on the sides, plus storage underneath and a latched door. As with other wagons, this one has a handle that easily folds under for storage. While some parents wish the door was a bit easier for their little ones to operate on their own, others appreciated this feature, liking the fact that their kids would need a grown up to help them with it.

Consider this model, which, as the name suggests, folds easily and is three wagons in one.

Unzip the side panel to change the wagon from hauling or riding mode into bench seating mode. Parents find it to be dependable, and the versatility is wide—you can take it the park, a picnic and even through an amusement park if they allow wagons!

This wagon is built for two, has an umbrella to protect from the elements and converts to a bench that will hold kids and adults. Need storage space? Heading out for a day or more, we hope!

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  • A wagon is a great choice for toting allll the stuff. This large-capacity option holds a ton yet collapses to less than 10 inches thick thanks to an easy accordian-style fold. Perfect for the beach, this collapsible wagon is also great for hauling sports gear, camping supplies or pretty much anything else. It even comes with its own carry bag for easy transport. Check out the stats below!

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    This does consume stamina, or durability in this case, but unlike other wagons, this one can be repaired so it will last forever! The Forest Path Wagon takes considerable effort to craft, as expected with a wagon like this. Forest Path Wagons need to be crafted in a level 4 Wagon Workshop. It costs 15,, silver per horse. From there you can use processing assuming you have Plywood Knowledge to reduce the logs into Plywood.

    Soft Hide: You can make soft hide by drying leather from deer, Black Leopards, Gazelles, sheep and foxes.

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    Piece of Image: You can use Simple Alchemy found in processing window to craft this item. Wagons are made similarly to boats, in that there are multiple work orders that need to be completed to create the final product. Creating and perfecting you Forest Path Wagon may take time, but the end results are incredibly impressive! Yes, I agree.