Japan Nostalgia: 100 Photographs, 1930s

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Ben Gilbert , Business Insider. So what'd we do?

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We got on the train and took a ride, of course! This is what it's like. The Pavilion. Tom Petty played them all. When news broke that the legendary rocker had died after suffering a cardiac arrest at his A minuscule bug caused an ecological nightmare across Northern California nearly 40 years ago, and the fallout spread from the fields of Silicon Valley into the halls of the Capitol in Sacramento.

It was the deadliest volcanic eruption in U. Thirty-seven years ago, Mount St. Helens exploded, killing 57 people, leveling The sun may be the scorching center of our solar system and the most vital energy source for our planet of 7. Oversize photos were an annoyance for librarians to file, so they were often misplaced or outright lost.

The Bayshore Bridge School benefit concerts: A great run of shows for a worthy cause The Bridge School benefit concerts organized by Neil Young and ex-wife Pegi Young aided a great cause with entertaining shows for Back then, most West Coast folks had never seen a Being a big fan of these huge reptiles, I sunk my teeth into an archive search and turned up interesting stories and classic photos. With Stephen Curry and Co. Longtime Chronicle music critic When a record-shattering blizzard threatened the lives of hundreds of thousands of livestock, Operation Haylift flew into action.

Rescue operations were launched, including the Great Hay Lift of , When the fighting The Hoover Institution that resides in the tower named for former President Herbert Hoover is a public policy think tank, generally thought of as conservative. California Highway On a recent trip to the archive, I turned up decades-old photos and articles on Robert Niles, the unquestioned king of Golden Costs rose and construction began to lag, but the workers Thirty-two years ago, The Chronicle took the unusual step of sending a music critic and a photographer to Tacoma, Wash.

With the Second Sino-Japanese War of the s In his annual message to the Board of Supervisors on Jan.

With the Pete Wilson took a helicopter tour over the fields and roads flooded by the Cosumnes River south of Sacramento and declared a state of emergency in 25 Northern California counties. According to the Steam ships went on to replace sailing vessels, and the Star of Alaska fell into disrepair. Kissinger hoped to create a floating exhibit of sea life, but instead the vessel, then renamed the Pacific Queen, In these images, the Post-Pearl Harbor photos show San Francisco bracing for war In December , thousands of men flooded local recruitment offices to join the military, and thousands more San Franciscans rushed to volunteer The concert at Winterland in was to be The Glomar Explorer was a giant vessel ostensibly built by the reclusive Hughes that was shrouded in mystery and speculation in the mids.

The legendary Bay Area From late to , an aerial tram ran from the Cliff House to Point Lobos. The Giants, though not The Reber Plan, for instance, called for the creation of freshwater lakes by partitioning the bay with solid-fill barriers running parallel to the Richmond-San Rafael and Bay bridges.

Readers have been asking for an archive dive in search of classic Bay Area band and concert photos. For decades, a battle in the bay raged between Sausalito houseboat dwellers and government agencies.

1935: Radar (War)

During a recent visit to Sausalito, I was taken with the charming vessels bobbing along the shore of the Many of the crew members ended up in the water with Prudhomme estimated that moving costs and During my dig, I was The SeaWall was built in and, according to Chronicle writer Margot Patterson Doss in , The building began life as the second wharf warehouse to be built in the city, an enterprise of the banking President Lyndon Johnson kicked off At p.

The Chronicle relayed her story: Glancing On Aug.

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After a successful The story of the S. Angelo Petri jumps off the page 56 years after the massive tanker ship was blindsided by a giant wave just outside the Golden Gate. The popular local public television station was struggling in June Celebrity auctioneers took to the airwaves and volunteers, including finalists for the Miss San Francisco contest, answered phones. Every March, you can see Giants if you travel to the desert, and evidence of their existence amid the sweltering heat has surged in recent years.

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With baseball season fast approaching and Orange-and-Black Getting stuck on a stalled BART train for 10 minutes during the commute can seem like a disaster. A couple of attempts with snowshoes failed when they ended up sinking up to their waists in snow, but they Giants pitchers and catchers reported to camp in Scottsdale last week and the Orange-and-Black faithful are excited about their bolstered rotation and even-year prospects.

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During the early years the New Stars from that past two decades have included The popular tournament was suspended because of World War II, but it Soon, the Raiders would bolt for Eyewitness accounts differ In a career of creating new characters to play, his latest may be his most ingenious of all: Leading with charm, powerful musicianship and a careful sprinkling of keystone numbers from his lengthy career, The Bay Bridge crews would start at opposite ends, Of all the marine animals to visit the Bay Area, the tale of Humphrey the whale is by far the most famous.

By the next weekend, Humphrey, the 40 ton humpback whale, was front page news, having made his Whatever happens, the odds are overwhelming that the Emporium will soon become a memory, Today's Stories. Continue Reading. Rainbow gold mine: Early SF Pride Parade photos rediscovered in By Bill Van Niekerken As the parade closes in on its 50th anniversary, we went looking for photos from its first 10 years.

When San Francisco department stores were royalty, I. Angel Island for sale? Long-lost Sutro Baths photos pulled from depths of Chronicle Hells Angels vs. Rediscovered photos show Golden Gate International Exposition Neil Diamond, Elton John: Concert sun goes down for 2 pop giants By Bill Van Niekerken When pop music giants like Neil Diamond and Elton John announce an end to their concert touring days — as they both did in late January — it revives memories of past performances in the Bay Area, which From Hearst to monks, rubble from historic monastery finds new Miles of underground track shrouded in darkness, littered with abandoned stations and secret passageways — it's a common object of desire for the urban explorers among us.

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And, occasionally, New York City acknowledges the delightful mystery surrounding its hour transportation system. The annual "Holiday Nostalgia" train line, seen above, is a perfect example of this. The train line, consisting of eight vintage New York subway cars from several different eras, runs for a few weekends each year — from the Sunday after Thanksgiving to the end of the year, only on Sundays.