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Yes, the expression is used a lot to console someone has lost a family member or a close friend etc. But you can also use the expression for other occasions, for example: when a friend or family member or relative is about to sit for an important exam; when a friend or family member is very ill in hospital maybe about to undergo an operation; undertake a long journey for example "have a safe trip, my thoughts are with you". So there are many other occasions when it is appropriate to use the expressions to convey to the person that you are thinking of them when they are going through a hard time or just need a bit of encouragement for an important occasion.

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Preply Home English language expression: "My thoughts are with you". Feeling stuck? English language English language. English language. Experience: 12 years.


Contact tutor. Add comment. Jeff Tutor. Experience: 4 years. Leaderboard All-time Today This week This month. Vitor answer s. Andrea answer s. Leonah answer s. Johannes answer s. Which one is correct and why? Being tempted is not the same as committing sin, but for it to stay that way I have to take up a battle against the lusts that become visible.

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This is the fight of faith. As long as I am fighting, I have not sinned! This is the life of an overcomer! This also means that I remain pure, and there is no condemnation for those involuntary thoughts.

How do I know this is possible? It is written that Jesus was a man like me and was tempted in all points like I am, but that He never sinned. Not once!

My thoughts on "Love Never Fails"! Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses - Saturday (Bonus Material)

This means that it also must be possible for me. I can go to Him to get help in time of need. Hebrews The time of need is the time of temptation — before I have fallen! This fight has awesome results. As I am faithful to resist the sin that is made visible in the temptation, it actually dies. Colossians My corrupted human nature is gradually replaced with a new creation.

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The negative, destructive thoughts and impulses lose their hold more and more, and positive, constructive and hopeful thoughts and reactions take their place. You may be interested in reading more about purity and keeping our thoughts pure on our topic page about the thought life , or in the selected articles below. Used by permission.

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All rights reserved. All those who follow the exhortation of the book of Hebrews can attain to this great salvation. How can I possibly stay pure in my thought life, when many of those thoughts are involuntary? Written by Milenko van der Staal.

Written by Sigurd Bratlie. Read more Go to e-book library. Just how dangerous is a little impure thought?

expression: "My thoughts are with you"

Written by Liam Johnsen. Published in Edification. What do I do with thoughts that are not pleasing to God? Written by Steve Lenk. Published in Edification Questions. And it really matters. Written by David Risa. Key teachings Sin and overcoming sin. Christ manifested in the flesh. The message of the cross. Topics Prayer. Relationships and sexuality.