Ruins of Ulthus

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Home of the Seventh Legion David Attenborough. The Tyranian Expedition famously founded the city states which were to become the Tyranian Federation.

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Tyr is consequentially often associated with debauchery, treachery and siphilis. Home of the Eighth Legion Minny Moo. Legions are named for the original red dragons that built Murithemne from fire and magma, the oldest of which still living is Alric, followed closely by Reginald and Hancock.

It is faith which mostly keeps its citizenry in order. Though it does engage in minor trade for metals and minerals and rarities.

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The oldest Dragons to be found guard the city of Murithemne: Reggie and Paulie are among them. Bahamarch 3rd. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Sigil of Cath Bruig Cath Bruig is undoubtedly the oldest human empire in existence. Their motto echoes this rather elitist sentiment: We were the first, we shall be the last.

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