Storm of Arranon

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Jaer covers his feelings with a rigid defiance, not believing someone as rare and precious as Erynn could ever love him. In a constant race to elude the invaders, Erynn becomes aware of a mysterious connection between her growing powers and the living consciousness of Arranon, leading her on a mystical journey.

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The wild animals of the forests assist Erynn, communicate with her. Even the weather seems to interact with Erynn, acting on her behalf, further drawing her into the spirit of Arranon, a world that needs her help. Arranon leads Erynn to a portal, a virtual doorway to another realm and a strange glowing life form, a collective colony of part plant, part animal. By linking their intellect to hers, they impart their warning.

The alien is gaining control and time is running out.

Storm of Arranon – Review

Erynn faces the final dreadful and agonizing objective that awaits her if she dares to save her worlds. Book Readers Social Media Marketing. Amilcar Pasos Jul 25, Follow. Related buzzes. Struggling with her feelings and the war raging constantly Erynn must figure things out quickly before horrible things happen.

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When Jaer and Erynn are finally together, war drives them apart. Will they ever be able to be together? Will their planets be saved?

I enjoyed this book a lot. My one, tiny complaint is that at some points in the story things are over-described and it gets boring.

I really liked this book and would recommend this for anyone 12 and up. I felt this story was interesting and can't wait for sequels! Skip to main content. Search form Search by author, title, keywords etc.

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