Taste Your Dream: Vegetarian and Vegan Dream Recipes

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Other meat alternatives are…fine. But I had such nostalgia for the taste, the sensation, and umami of a thick slab of meat. It was only natural that when the Impossible burger first started making waves, I was excited to try it. So, on a trip to take my friend to a bus station in San Jose I decided to treat myself. I wanted to keep it spare so I could really hone in on the burger.

The first few bites were mysterious and hard to wrap my head around. How is this not meat? Did they mess up my order?

I was amazed. It hit every note perfectly. Crisp edges, juicy interior, and a slightly chewy texture. When the Impossible burger finally made its way to my town I began to love it even more. I eat a lot of beans, roasted veggies, eggs, quinoa, and sometimes fish I guess I should start referring to myself as a pescatarian now. Burger King and Del Taco have also added faux meat additions to their menu.

About a year ago I took a trip to San Mateo to eat at J. The restaurant is a German beer hall-style. From my little knowledge of that type of food I assumed it would not be vegetarian-friendly. My trip to Wursthall was wonderful.

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The beer was crisp and cold, the fries salty and golden brown. I ordered the Impossible Kebap. If you don't, surely someone else will write it for you. The Taste Your Dream techniques will help you explore your taste and find your way. When are you happy the most? When you 'eat' what you really love.

And who knows best what you like? Check out more of our stuff and connect with us!

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    Made it gluten free by adding brown rice flour — was the perfect consistency! Super impressed — thanks for sharing! Would it be better to start with more roux in the beginning or add less liquid? I worry about lumps when adding flour at the end. That being said, it was delicious even with the Better Than Bouillion Veggie Base, which is all I could find at my grocery. This gravy is easy to make and tastes delicious. Thank you for sharing the recipe. OK, I pride myself on my gravy.

    Your Online Access For The Most Flavorful & Satisfying Vegetarian Jerky You’ll Find Anywhere

    I am vegetarian and married to a vegan and I love gravy. I have a great, simple recipe that I use also calls for BTB.

    Moo-ve over cow meat.

    I made it last night. It was so good. How is it so good without any fancy tricks like wine? We had it on biscuits last night for dinner and it was one of the best meals ever. Confession: I bought canned biscuit dough. Thank you for sharing this. Definitely a different flavor, but really good! Had some leftover potatoes from thanksgiving and needed to make a quick and easy veggie gravy to go with it. Could not recommend it more.

    No one could even tell it was vegan!

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    This is very, very good. I put this on everything! This recipe is incredible!! Thank you!!

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    I had to stop myself from devouring the whole thing by the spoonful. Instead of 3 cups of water, I did 1 cup of vegetable broth and 2 cups of water.

    I also exclusively used whole wheat flour and it tasted great. Our first fully plant based vegan Thanksgiving and this was hands down the favorite of the family! Our 7 year old gave it a huge thumbs up!

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    The kids got good taste! Seriously this is the best vegan gravy. So happy I found this recipe. Just made this for vegan Thanksgiving tomorrow.