The Drum and Bugle Band Parade: Early Elementary Piano Solo

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I have a Drumset at my studio and can get you started with the rudiments and basic drumming skills.

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I grew up playing and listening to jazz and rock music. That is my main focus in the beginning. We will start simple rudiments and beats for snare and drumset and grow from there. Technique, control and passion. I have been playing drums professionally for over 8 years. I have played some of the most famous venues in Los Angeles, and throughout southern California. My specialty is that I am actually a rockstar. I have a talent for teaching, especially children and young adults, and I have not only a degree from Musician's Institute a World famous music school , but I also have real life experience putting those skills to use in real life situations.

I have been teaching drum set lessons for about 6 years. My students can expect to learn a variety of styles and genres on the drum set, everything from jazz, pop, rock, etc.

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My goal is to better my students in the areas that they are interested in and also introduce them to new styles and genres that they might enjoy. As a player, I specialize in jazz and pop, but am experienced in others too.

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Come prepared to learn, work hard, and have fun! I've been teaching private students in the local area for several years. Together we'll work on improving your basic and advanced technique to make playing more natural and comfortable. We'll also work on songs of all genres and of your choice to expand your playing abilities. Whether you're looking to continue professionally or just play along with your favorite tunes, we'll work together to get you where you want to be.

I have experience from multiple drum teachers, and have attended Cuesta College A. If you're a beginner or are looking to improve on some new ideas and techniques, I'd be glad to teach you. Primary focus: Drums. You've got to walk before you can run, so I focus on the basics.

But, the basics can be a lot of fun! Especially once we start to apply them to your favorite songs, and being creative with them - that's kind of what it's all about! Learn More. Take your voice to the next level. Download free video tutorials to start singing like the star you are! Kickstart your guitar playing. Download free video tutorials to learn about chord progressions, strumming, and more!

Although drums are usually not loud enough for someone who loves percussion, they can sometimes disturb your neighbors and household members whenever you practice at home.

Thus, regardless of whether you play rock, funk or jazz, learning how to practice drums quietly is essential. To help you with this aspect, the following tips explain how to complete your drumming rehearsals without testing the patience of the people around you: Get an Individual Practice Pad: Besides the fact that a …. Expert teachers near you. Fun classes. Book now. Browse Drum Teachers. Featured On. Simple Our online tools make booking, managing your schedule and paying for lessons easy and hassle-free.

Secure Easily search and compare teachers in your area, including past student reviews and background checks. Guaranteed If you're not completely satisfied, we'll help you find a new teacher or refund any unused lesson credits. Our teachers have taught 2 , 8 5 9 , 8 8 2. Showing 10 of results View More. About Erasmo Hello Parents and Students, I have been teaching and writing music professionally for ten years.

My first introduction to music was just like some of you, starting in high school where I had a great teacher that encouraged me to play.

Fred Sanford

This helped me so much, and I wouldn't be where I am at if it weren't for his help and positive encouragement. Now I try to encourage all of my students the same way. San Jacinto Symphony Orchestra. This allowed me the opportunity to play Jazz Piano which I have performed and still study until this day. As a result, Jazz has now become one of my biggest passions.

As a Professional International Composer, I have had the privilege of writing and arranging for many marching bands, wind ensembles, and indoor percussion ensembles, including orchestrations, recordings and sequencing projects for media, and musical theatre in the United States and Japan.

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I hope that this gives you a close and personal Idea of where I come from and hope that I can help you get the most out of your experience with music. So I like to make sure to explain things in more than one way to make sure the student understands the concepts and what to practice. I like to keep a relaxed atmosphere, but also making sure that there is a high level of professionalism and expectation of attentiveness from the student. I sometimes bring additional implements, such as hand drums, like a djembe and other accessories, depending on the focus of our lessons.

All Percussion. Orchestral, Marimba, Vibraphone, and Marching Percussion. I specialize in the Jazz genre, and have performed Jazz piano.. View Details. View Profile. Erasmo R. Murrieta, CA Lake Forest, CA. Learn drum technique for all styles. Rock beats and fills, Jazz drumming and more. The music lessons for young children are full of fun, interactive activities with iPads apps and traditional methods that not only help develop a strong musical foundation and build essential life skills, but offer a unique bonding experience for you and your child.

Discover for yourself why families love my innovative music lessons for kids.

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  • Music Matters! The Dynasty Marching Bass Drums have a rich tone that works well with any percussion ensemble with standard hardware chrome plated hardware and there are several finishes available. Dynasty has been a major player in the music industry since , Dynasty crafts their marching bass drum with aluminum endurite casings and hearty maple shells.

    Just a Minute: Piano Sheet: Cynthia Sepaugh-Clarke

    They feature their reverse threaded fitting engineering and rugged claw hooks that allow you to adjust your drum heads to a higher tension without worrying about the claw failing or underperforming. Dynasty typically manufacturer their drums in white or black, but they can be customized with enough lead time.

    For a fun customizable experience, the Mapex Quantum Bass Drums features maple shells that come in standard and special order lacquer finishes. Chambered aluminum rims get rid of the need to purchase rim protectors, and the Quantum marching bass drum gives you a balanced and consistent feel and sound with the progressive air vent placement. The lightweight tube lugs give you full resonance by reducing shell contact that has a visual style that is specially made for the Quantum line, plus it includes Remo heads. Standard finishes include red metallic, gloss white, gloss black, gray steel, blue steel, and silver diamond dazzle.

    For an additional cost, you can choose one of the special order lacquer finishes that include transparent cherry red, caramel fade, blue galaxy sparkle burst, black forest fade, transparent midnight black, supernova red sparkle burst, black sparkle, and galaxy sparkle burst. You can also custom order hardware finishes for an additional cost in gloss chrome, black, white, gold, and graphite while satin chrome hardware is found on all Mapex marching bass drums with no extra cost.

    Drums are customizable Very balanced and comfortable to use Great looking drum, nice style. Credit: Amazon. Tama has a well-known in the music industry, but has been less involved in the bass drum market. The Tama Marching Bass Drum shell is created with a mix of birch and Bubinga to make a powerful drum that is also lightweight.