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Invitation Homes has been raising rents by as much as an average of 10 percent a year in places like Oakland, California — nearly double the norm in that market — according to the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment ACCE , an advocacy group. Fees have helped lift earnings by 20 to 30 percent a year.

A December Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta analysis found that Wall Street landlords are far more likely to file eviction notices than mom-and-pop landlords. It said Colony Starwood — as Starwood Waypoint was known until shortly before the merger with Invitation Homes — filed eviction notices on more than 30 percent of tenants, while Invitation Homes filed notices on nearly 15 percent.

The strongest predictor of whether a tenant would get an eviction notice was if the tenant was African-American, the Atlanta Fed said. Invitation Homes said it treats all residents equally. Blackstone executives rushed out of the building through the emergency exits and the back door.

An Invitation Homes spokesperson said the company got back to all the renters about their complaints. We never heard back. The business of being landlord of a single-family home was for years a small, local affair.

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Today, nine big Wall Street firms collectively own more than , single-family homes in 13 states. To pay for all of that, it pioneered a new asset class, so-called single-family rental securities, or SFRs.

As supply has tightened and prices risen in real estate markets, Invitation Homes has slowed expansion of its portfolio. Now, it largely rolls over existing bonds, paying investors out of rent and fees from tenants. Invitation Homes is a strong partner with deep experience managing a large volume of single-family rental properties.

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At issue are the home valuations Invitation Homes relied on for its bonds. The higher the valuation, the higher the expected rent, and thus the more investors are willing to pay for the bonds. To get a mortgage, homebuyers typically must have a licensed inspector conduct an appraisal of the house. These less-expensive alternatives were provided mostly by outside firms using independent contractors who were not licensed appraisers.

Many of these contractors relied only on exterior views of the houses — no interior inspections — according to regulatory filings. The filings also indicate that the contractors were told to assume that the interiors had been remodeled to the standards advertised on the Invitation Homes website.

In September, Invitation Homes disclosed in a regulatory filing that it had received a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission requesting documents and communications related to its securitizations.

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In its accompanying letter to Invitation Homes, the SEC said it was looking at the valuations the company relied on to price its bonds. We are cooperating with the SEC. On a recent tour the company provided for Reuters in Atlanta, executives walked through a newly renovated four-bedroom house in a development called Legacy Court, where tenants have access to tennis courts, a pool, pocket parks and a community center. The executives led Reuters on what they said was their standard walk-through prior to every rental, entailing inspection of items.

A maintenance manager checked every knob, outlet, spout, latch, doorstop, lightbulb, blind and appliance.

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He ran the dishwasher, filled the tub and tested the garbage disposal. Income from the house with the black widow spiders on Craig Street in Esparto, California, is in the Fannie Mae-backed bond.

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  7. The house had been owned by the same couple for nearly 10 years before they lost it to foreclosure in For five months, the house sat empty. The following year, McKayla Ferreira moved in. Ferreira said she paid her rent on time, but Invitation Homes often claimed it never received the money and staple-gunned eviction notices to her front door. Ferreira would send canceled checks to the company, only to watch the same scenario unfold the following month.

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    Two subsequent renters said some billing errors continued. Invitation Homes said its records show no such issues. All three families had hoped to save money while living on Craig Street for a down payment to buy a home. All said that fees and unexpected expenses ate into those savings. Whitney Hurst and her family are still renting the house on Craig Street. The two previous tenants are renting from other landlords. Uneasy Living. Spiders, sewage and a flurry of fees — the other side of renting a house from Wall Street.

    Lawmaker: I can't decide if Trump acts like a child or a criminal. Panetta explains who the GOP wants to cut Trump off from.

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    Trump attending third major sporting event in 2 weeks. Witness depositions reveal new details about Ukraine call. Jake Tapper: The White House has a point on this. Harlow challenges Cohen on reserving judgment on impeachment. Trump says he's not concerned about impeachment testimony. Avlon: We've gone from tearing down walls to building them. Trump's spiritual adviser joins White House staff.

    Buttigieg: Trump has done nothing to command my respect. Farmers question Democrat's vote against impeachment. Anderson Cooper eulogizes now-defunct Trump Foundation. Fact-checking Trump's claims on impeachment, China and more. GOP lawmaker insults Pelosi: It must suck to be that dumb. She figured she'd wind up working for Elizabeth Warren , her former Harvard law school professor, or Kamala Harris , who in appointed Porter to be California's monitor of a nationwide mortgage settlement.

    Instead, she ran for Congress in , winning a Republican seat and joining the "blue wave" of Democrats taking over the House. Porter, 45, isn't part of " The Squad " -- the four-woman group of freshman progressives of color who were attacked this week by President Donald Trump.

    But she's emerged as a viral star when it comes to how banks and the government treat the working poor and puncturing Trump's claims about the economy. She's carving out a Warren-esque role for herself that's included asking top officials do basic math under oath. A lawmaker asked Carson about foreclosure properties. He thought she was talking about Oreos. It was March when Porter grilled Sloan -- who was already facing calls from Warren and others to step down -- at a House Financial Services Committee hearing about Wells Fargo's numerous scandals over fake accounts , inappropriate mortgage fees , and charging borrowers for auto insurance they didn't need.

    When it came her turn, Porter began by asking why the public should trust Sloan's promises that Wells Fargo was changing its ways. Then, she ducked under the table to bring up a poster board printed with huge text, displaying what Wells Fargo attorneys had said in court. Sloan, if you don't mind me asking, are your lawyers in federal court arguing that those exact statements I read are quote 'paradigmatic examples of non-actionable corporate puffery, on which no reliable investor could rely,'" she asked.

    Two weeks later, Wells Fargo announced Sloan was out. Porter has targeted top Trump administration officials, too. What is the APR? One of Porter's aides handed Kraninger a calculator. She didn't do the math, even after Porter repeated the question, asking her to ballpark the calculation. At the end of the day, the issue is certainly: When you actually are able to repay that loan and whether or not you take out an additional loan," Kraninger said.