The Power & Importance of a Father’s Blessing

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I am not saying that mothers are not important. They are. But I have seen in so many situations that emptiness that is created when a father is absent or the father is condemning and those are wounds that do not go away. You need to bless your children - speak words that express that they have your favor. Free Worship Song Lyrics. Weekly Sermon Collections.

Online Sermon Editor. This message encourages Dads to use their amazing power of blessing in order to help their children. View all Sermons. The U. Download Sermon with PRO. Browse All Media Related Media. Talk about it Nobody has commented yet. Be the first! Join the discussion. Sign in to leave a comment. Your Viewing History Browse All. With that person in mind, you can ask the questions below to help you discern the kind of blessing that he needs. Consider using the related Scripture references in the blessing you share.

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Then, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to specific verses or passages of Scripture that can be used as a blessing related to those needs. Imagine that you know a person who struggles with fear and anxiety. Apply the basic truths recorded in those verses to the model blessing found in Numbers to create a blessing like this one:. May the Lord God bless you and keep you from the torments of fear and anxiety.

May He cause His face to shine upon you with His power and love, and may He give you a sound mind. Through His perfect love, may God give you grace to cast out fear.

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May He lift up His countenance upon you with freedom as you tell Him every detail of your need in earnest, thankful prayer, and may He give you His peace that surpasses all understanding as He keeps your heart and mind safe through Jesus Christ. May God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the God of all comfort, encourage your heart and protect you from despair. May He cause His face to shine upon you as you rejoice in the midst of troubles and trials, putting your faith in Him and being confident of His lovingkindness toward you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you with the riches of His joy and pleasure, and may He give you His peace in your heart and soul.

You could use this verse and the definitions of its key words as a basis of a blessing for someone who is enduring a trial :. May the God of all grace, who has called you to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, bless you and keep you strong during this time of testing. May He cause His face to shine upon you and give you grace to endure with patience.

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May He lift up His countenance upon you to make you perfect and complete in Him, to establish you clearly in the direction He gives you, to strengthen you through spiritual knowledge and by the power of His Holy Spirit as you seek Him with all your heart. May the Lord settle you, making you secure and confident in His love and provision for your peace and well-being.

As you speak these words in prayer or speak them directly to the person for whom they are written , you will invoke the power, grace, and blessing of God upon him. You also could write out the blessing and mail it or take it to the person for whom you are interceding; God could use it as a great source of encouragement in his life. As you make yourself available to intercede for others with spoken blessings, the Lord will open your spiritual eyes and ears to comprehend what He wants to accomplish in their lives.

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  • Put your confidence in God, Who will carry out those blessings according to His will. I find blessing someone out loud is very difficult - and something I'm required to do occasionally and want to do! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience. I've found it very useful - both the suggestions of how to go about it, and also the lovely examples given. Personally I find being blessed uplifting and tremendously significant, and want to do the same for others. God bless.

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    I found this to be very much needed in my church, which is full of young prophets and prophetic leaders. I needed this to help me give them a positive side of prophesying and speaking blessings over each other lives. Some times we want to speak the negative but not enough positive.

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    Thank you. Skip to main content. What is the power of a spoken blessing? The Power of Spoken Blessings. Discern How to Bless Someone Effectively It often takes time and effort to search out appropriate blessings. Is the fruit of the Spirit evident in his life?

    What is the power of a spoken blessing?

    See Galatians Is he serving others in love? See Galatians and Luke Is he submitting to his God-ordained authorities? Does it appear that something may be competing with his devotion to God? See Matthew Are there particular temptations that seem to present big challenges in his life? Are you aware of any fears, hurts, or pressures that he is facing?

    See Galatians , James , Romans , and Ephesians