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In the winter this pathway is a popular snowshoe trek. For another nice afternoon stroll, walk through the operations and residential area and cross the wooden suspension bridge over the Nisqually River to a magnificent view of the mountain. It is also a starting point for hikers of the Wonderland Trail.

Just up ahead, the road passes very pretty Christine Falls. Stop at the turnout on the right and have a better look. This waterfall can be viewed without having to lace up your hiking boots. Notice the stone masonry highway bridge forming a picturesque frame over the lovely 40 foot falls as it splashes down the lower reaches of Van Trump Creek.

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A small flight of stairs leads to another beautiful lookout of the falls. You can also see Point Success — the false summit of Mt. Rainier, Gibraltar Rock and Cowlitz Cleaver. The cone-shaped peak down the valley is Tumtum Peak. The Ricksecker Point Road is open in the summer months only. Walk the short trail to a view of the falls at 0. If you time it right you may catch rainbows dancing in the mist of the falls.

This massive foot waterfall is truly breathtaking, as the waters fan a thick mist out over this popular viewpoint. Be sure to stop at the pullout on your left to take a look at the Glacier Vista Exhibit. Learn about the fascinating glaciers of the mountain. Look up to the summit and see Nisqually glacier and its origin on the permanent Nisqually snowfield. Beginning at 14, feet, this is the fastest moving glacier on the mountain, moving slowly at a little over one foot a day.

At 5, feet, this area with its glorious views of Mount Rainier is the primary destination for many visitors to the park. Tourists are drawn to the area year round. In the summer months, alpine meadows are ablaze with the color of the wildflowers and during winter, its deep snow is ideal for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The Henry M.

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Jackson Memorial Visitor Center offers interpretive displays about the geology, flora, fauna and mountain climbing in the area. The Jackson Grill, a book store, gift shop and information on climbing Mt. Rainier are also located here. Built in , this beautiful inn displays hand-crafted furniture, a magnificent 14 foot grandfather clock and a rustic piano built by a German carpenter. Leaving from both the inn and visitor center is one of the most popular activities at Paradise — the short, family-friendly, paved nature trails. Suitable for just about everyone, these pathways lead through colorful meadows and offer spectacular mountain vistas.

See splendid fields of wildflowers while taking in the stunning views of Mount Rainier and Nisqually Glacier. And keep your eyes peeled for area residents — the amusing whistling marmots sunning themselves on the rock outcroppings. Now descending down the mountain, stop and see Mt.

Its picture-perfect beauty makes it one of the most photographed areas of the park — and you can get there by car. On a peaceful day, the reflection is almost too grand! For the best view, walk to the end of the turnout. A short trail leads to the lake shore, but sorry anglers, no fishing is allowed.

In spring and summer, enjoy the beautiful wildflowers that line its shores. In autumn see the huckleberries that have turned brilliant shades of red and orange. Water spills feet in a dramatic display along Unicorn Creek. Watch the water plunge into the glacial valley, once occupied by Stevens Glacier. A fascinating feature of Mt. Rainier National Park is intriguing Box Canyon.

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The Muddy Fork of the Cowlitz River at only a few feet wide has, over time, cut a channel into the mossy rock and created a canyon feet deep but only 15 to 30 feet across. Walk a bridge across the canyon for a dizzying view of this deep forest canyon. A nice picnic area is also located here. In a little over four miles, pull off to the right into a parking area for one more look at splendid Mt. Looking up the valley, see the mountain and its summit. For those with a sharp eye, look to see a portion of Margaret Falls. Everyone in the family will enjoy an easy 1. Witness ancient stands of gigantic Douglas-firs, western hemlock and western red cedar, some estimated to be over 1, years old.

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People come from all over the world to experience walking through ancient forests of trees with foot circumferences. Paradise is located 19 miles 30 km east of the Nisqually Entrance and 12 miles 19 km east of Longmire. You might also consider visiting other parts of the park such as Longmire , Sunrise , Ohanapecosh , and the Carbon River-Mowich Lake areas. See Operating Hours and Seasons for current information about these facilities:. This visitor center is usually open daily from May to early October.

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From mid-October through April, it is usually open only on weekends and holidays. The historic Paradise Inn , a concessioner-operated hotel, offers lodging, a dining room and a gift shop. The Paradise Inn is usually open from mid-May to early-October and is closed in the winter.

The Guide House houses the Paradise Climbing Information Center, where visitors can obtain climbing permits and hiking and backcountry camping information. The historic Paradise Ranger Station , is also located at Paradise. Information services formerly available at the Paradise Ranger Station are now available at the Guide House. Paradise Valley Road - Start next to the Paradise Inn to follow this one-way road through a beautiful meadow filled valley.

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Reflection Lakes - Drive 3 miles 4. If you plan to visit Paradise, remember that Paradise is located at an elevation of 5, feet and trails have at least some steeper sections. Please stay on the trails; the meadows are very fragile and heavily visited. Enjoy lovely subalpine meadows and lakes. Pinnacle Peak 2. Paradise Meadows Trails Take any of these trails for excellent views of Mount Rainier, subalpine meadows, and wildlife:.