Une Maman moderne (French Edition)

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You can call your mum 'Mum'.

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Translate your text for free. Nearby words of 'maman'. Related Terms of 'maman'. Translation of maman from the Collins French to English. Here are a few suggestions to try!

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In this short article, we explain and provide some examples of the most common French verb tenses you'll come across. There are many diverse influences on the way that English is used across the world today. We look at some of the ways in which the language is changing. And whilst the weight of the eggs may not actually counterbalance the rest of the structure, they do so metaphorically.

It may seem an unlikely metaphor, but this piece of public art honours motherhood, an ode to being and needing a mother: this is mummy, or maman in French.


Originally commissioned for Tate Modern, London in , its first incarnation was on the bridge of the Turbine Hall. Within a renovated power station, its original backdrop was an industrial, cathedral-like space. The version in Roppongi, one of an edition of six bronze casts, is instantly recognisable as a female spider but even beyond the connotations of the machine age inherent at Tate, it retains an odd quality here; of being both organic and industrial at once, as though it could be made from grape stalks or barbed wire, a bound and woven structure, protecting its offspring.

Her own mother was a tapestry restorer who died when Bourgeois was twenty-one. Choosing a spider, a creature so adept at threading, to represent her mother offers us a personal association that she first explored in a drawing of and that was later to become a recurring motif. Reviewed with this in mind, Maman begins unravelling into a subtext ripe for psychoanalysis.

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In other works, she has bared explicit reference to this event with titles like The Destruction of the Father. License this image.

Maman is a monumental steel spider, so large that it can only be installed out of doors, or inside a building of industrial scale. Supported on eight slender, knobbly legs, its body is suspended high above the ground, allowing the viewer to walk around and underneath it.

Each ribbed leg ending in a sharp-tipped point is made of two pieces of steel, and attached to a collar above which an irregularly ribbed spiralling body rises, balanced by a similar sized egg sac below. Maman is the largest of a series of steel spider sculptures that Bourgeois created in the second half of the s, picking up a motif that she first depicted in a small ink and charcoal drawing in Spider reproduced Morris p. In she drew a similar figure in red ink, gouache and crayon reproduced Louise Bourgeois: Maman , p.

French Name for Grandmother

In the same year, Bourgeois created her first Spider sculpture using geometric and found forms Spider , reproduced Louise Bourgeois: Maman , p. Small nippled bulges occur singly and in clusters in the mesh, which is also interrupted by holes that are circular, triangular and diamond in form. Bourgeois began creating Cells in the late s — small enclosed spaces into which the viewer may enter in some instances, but may also be excluded from, forced to peer between architectural features or through holes in glass.

They usually contain a mixture of made and found objects, including things that have particular historical significance for the artist; pieces of furniture are often combined with sculptural elements, as in Cell Eyes and Mirrors —93 T With its Cell-cum egg sac into which the viewer may enter, the Spider articulates a claustrophobic relationship to architectural space very different to that which T embodies.

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However, spiders are more usually thought of as a source of fear and disgust, the most extreme association perhaps the black widow spider who eats her mate. Fear makes the world go round. For Bourgeois making art is a way of fighting specific fears Bernadac and Obrist, p. Having experienced motherhood herself, she has dealt with the ambivalent feelings a mother may have for her children, as contradictory as those a child may feel for his or her mother. I understand but I refuse to be your mother because I need a mother myself.

Encountering Maman always from the perspective of the child looking up from below, the viewer may experience the sculpture as an expression of anxiety about a mother who is universal — powerful and terrifying, beautiful and, without eyes to look or a head to think, curiously indifferent. Frances Morris ed.

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