War-Wise and Other Poems

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Most are written in the style of a Shakespearean sonnet. Titles tease content. A poem about light is as much about its absence as its presence. He is sentimental but not mawkish. March 16, Disclosure: This article is not an endorsement, but a review.

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And every kind of colour. Which will you read? Come on; O do read something; they're so wise. Is waiting for you on those shelves; and yet. You sit and gnaw your nails, and let your pipe out,. There's one big, dizzy moth that bumps and flutters;. There must be crowds of ghosts among the trees,—.

War-wise and Other Poems

Not people killed in battle,—they're in France,—. But horrible shapes in shrouds--old men who died. Slow, natural deaths,—old men with ugly souls,.

Into Battle by Julian Grenfell - World War Poems

You're quiet and peaceful, summering safe at home;. You'd never think there was a bloody war on!

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O yes, you would Thud, thud, thud,—quite soft Those whispering guns—O Christ, I want to go out. And screech at them to stop—I'm going crazy;. I'm going stark, staring mad because of the guns. Source: Counter-attack, and Other Poems More Poems by Siegfried Sassoon.

The Redeemer. Ancient History. Grandeur of Ghosts. See All Poems by this Author.

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